Waiting for Dessert

Waiting for Dessert by Chastity Vicks

Vivienne doesn’t mix business and pleasure, and she likes things done her way. When she’s asked to host a dinner party for her colleagues on the same night as she’d planned a play date with her sub, Ash, Vivienne is one irritable Domme. But she soon comes up with a plan that means she can have her cake and eat it too…

Constrained by secrecy and distance, Vivienne and Ash’s relationship has many rules. At the point where sensual femdom meets explosive passion, Vivienne must reconcile her hunger for Ash’s submission with a little level-headedness. After all, BDSM in the bedroom is one thing, but is keeping her lover tied up while she plays hostess downstairs pushing their shared kinks too far?

As Vivienne tests her submissive’s control against the fear of discovery, she soon learns just how hard they will both find it waiting for dessert. Keep Reading →

Packing Heat

Packing Heat by Chastity Vicks


A night at the movies becomes something more exciting when Zoë discovers her girlfriend has brought along an extra surprise.

Zoë and Chris enjoy toys as much as the next couple, but Zoë was never expecting her cute, pretty girlfriend to show up for their date packing a cock. The anticipation drives her wild and, as Zoë forgets all about the movie, the night sees both girls give way to a thrilling, risky adventure.

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Red Wine at Bedtime

Red Wine at Bedtime by Chastity Vicks


Lorna leaves her long-term boyfriend behind when she starts college, only to find herself drawn to blonde, busty Becky. But, as she quickly learns, trying to have the best of both worlds is never easy.

Lorna loves her boyfriend, Ant, and she’s never considered herself truly attracted to women. All the same, her intense lust for another girl turns her world upside down, and forces her to question everything. As Lorna embarks on a journey of discovery and awakening, her path is paved with guilt—and plenty of desire—but will she ever come clean with those she cares about?

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Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet by Chastity Vicks

Emily is nervous around electricity, but Greg’s extravagant Valentine’s Day gift of a violet wand piques her curiosity.

With her beloved Master guiding the way, Emily feels secure enough to explore her limits—and she enjoys what she discovers.

Greg’s sensual dominance opens her up to newfound pleasures and together, Master and submissive delve into an electrifying new kink. As Emily begins to overcome her anxiety, her lover’s expertise with the violet wand brings a whole new meaning to “making sparks fly”.

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The Velvet Gateway

The Velvet Gateway by Chastity Vicks


There’s a first time for everything and, as Rae lets her girlfriend take control, she’s about to learn just how intense the sensations behind a blindfold can be. Experiments with bondage, spanking, and toys lift sex to new heights, and Rae discovers a whole world of unimagined pleasure.

Somehow, not being able to see what’s coming next makes the sensations all the more intense and, as blonde, beautiful Elsje teases her with soft, sensual toys, spanking, and a host of other devious delights, Rae realizes just how much the blindfold increases her sensitivity… and her excitement.

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In His Hands

In His Hands by Chastity Vicks

After a long, dull week, Jenny is more than ready for some sexy fun with her husband. It’s their two-year anniversary, and Matt’s bound to have something special for her—but when Jenny unwraps his gift, the real surprises start coming.

Matt presents her with a remote-controlled vibrator… and a challenge.

Can she make it through dinner at the local restaurant, knowing he has the power—and the battery-operated means—to leave her gasping in front of a room full of people?

With Matt in charge of the remote, Jenny learns just how good being completely in his hands can be.

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