Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet by Chastity Vicks

Emily is nervous around electricity, but Greg’s extravagant Valentine’s Day gift of a violet wand piques her curiosity.

With her beloved Master guiding the way, Emily feels secure enough to explore her limits—and she enjoys what she discovers.

Greg’s sensual dominance opens her up to newfound pleasures and together, Master and submissive delve into an electrifying new kink. As Emily begins to overcome her anxiety, her lover’s expertise with the violet wand brings a whole new meaning to “making sparks fly”.




An Excerpt From: ULTRA VIOLET
A Taboo® BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

An Excerpt From: ULTRA VIOLET
Copyright © CHASTITY VICKS, 2014
All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

Greg had a talent with rope. It started with his voice, with the way he could make her so calm and pliant just by the soothing timbre of his words, and before she knew it Emily would find herself being wrapped in beautiful loops of soft, white nylon rope.

She stripped naked and let him bind her, moving and positioning her as he wished until, finally, she was lying face down on his bed, hog-tied with her ankles and wrists together, her elbows cinched in and her whole body arched like a bent penny. Greg’s sheets smelled of synthetic jasmine fabric softener, and every inch of her skin tingled from the touch of his hands as he’d bound her. Can’t keep my hands off you, he’d say as he touched her, petting her while he tied her, making every truss and knot a gesture of sweetness.

Emily wriggled on the pale blue coverlet, unable to free herself and, frustratingly, unable to see her Master. He was behind her, she knew. She could hear him stripping out of his suit, and she wanted to watch that, but he’d slipped a small ball gag between her lips, so she couldn’t even complain about her enforced view of his headboard.

She flexed her wrists against the rope as she heard him approach the bed, squeezing her buttocks, tensing her thighs… every muscle cried out to be touched, and Emily gave vent to a loud groan when she finally felt his fingers close around her ankle.

Greg chuckled softly. He liked to tease her like this: these cruelly wanton little touches that lasted for minutes but felt like they went on for hours. His fingertips tickled the soles of her feet, skimmed the length of her calves, her bound arms… toyed along her shoulders and wound themselves in her hair, pulling it firmly until she was obliged to tilt her neck back, increasing the bent curve of her body even further. The stretch through her slender frame flushed warmth and vigor into Emily’s limbs, and she groaned again around the gag, sinking her teeth into the rubber ball as her eyes widened.

She was wet already. She knew that, and knew that her Master knew it.

Her nipples chafed against the bedclothes, her lips tingling hungrily as his touch seared her skin, and she would have begged if it hadn’t been for the gag. The rope, for all its security and its sensuousness, silenced the language of her body, too, no matter how hard she tried to part her thighs, but her pussy’s pleas were clear. A ragged, choked gasp left Emily’s throat as her Master’s strong fingers pressed into her slit.


ISBN: 9781419948640 | Length: Short Fiction
Published by: Ellora’s Cave Inc. (‘Taboo’ imprint), and available from all good ebook retailers.